MaSaPaTa: what you get after being a student, a teacher and a person all at the same time

Five semesters of sleepless nights. Five semesters of grueling student life (not to mention I work as a full time teacher). I remember during my first sem in graduate school, I took 9 units (3 major subjects) while I work full time in St. Jude College and part-time in UST. Do I sound like I'm complaining? Nope. Wala pa yan. I also joined PPTA Educators SIG and was an active member. But wait, there's more! Most Sundays of my life are dedicated to attending seminar-workshops. I went to UST Hospital or CRS and took Sir Val's manual therapy training course. Why do I have to burden myself with all these? My objective was simple: to better myself. The answer might not be acceptable to others. The answer might not be simple for a student who complains that he/she has 3 quizzes tomorrow! "To better myself" might be plainly different from a student's goal of aiming for "uno" rather than learning the technique and performing it accurately (so that future patients can benefit from his/her skills). The answer, up 'til now, is unacceptable to my parents who keep on asking me “why do you still have to go on even if it is giving you bottomless amount of stress? Why not rest?” Clearly, each one of us has his own interpretation of learning, or lifelong learning for that matter.

After my first semester in graduate school, I've decided to revise my prioritization in life. I had to drop some responsibilities. But it didn't make my life any easier. Dropped responsibilities were replaced with new ones. The only difference is, the new ones paved way to meeting new friends and acquiring new knowledge. Salamat Jah! I am so thankful for being part of UST's Educational Technology family as one of their eLearning coaches. I am also super thankful for becoming part of PPTA's Board of Officers because my colleagues, especially our Madam President, gave me an opportunity to learn more about public service and aiming high for/with everyone in the profession, which is something that I will not learn by just standing inside the classroom while holding a piece of chalk (or whiteboard marker for today's context). :D

As what Mam Che and I had agreed upon when we had our talk about studying, we defined graduate school as being able to do and finish a degree that will cultivate your higher learning skills without having to leave all other responsibilities behind. Your work plus your studies, throw in also your responsibilities as a mother/father or a bread-winner, plus all the other things that you do in your life like being a clinician or a friend or a significant other, these are all part of a graduate study. You cannot separate them from each other, because attaining a higher degree is not the same as being a full time student only. Being in graduate school is being a student living a real life, in the real world.

P.S. To my CRS co-faculties who will be future MSPTs too (Joice, Loui, Abi, Mam Jo, Kuya Beboi, Mam Tin, Sir Verge) help each other til the END. Do not let each other down. The baggage might be heavy and hard to carry but everything gets lighter if everyone lends a helping hand. I'm here in case you need me. :)

I just wanna say thank you so much to my bestfriends who attended my graduation ceremonies.

And to all my best buds who weren't there: Dimple, G-two, Leonard, Luwi, Lien, Chet, Crissy, my college barkada, my family, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


lostkid said...

I admire your strength and determination! Super stressful and with all the responsibilities, nakaka-overwhelm talaga. BUT what doesn't kill you, only makes you STRONGER and damn lot better! And YOU ARE one of the most successful people I know na at our age, na-achieve na what in others' lists are still to-do's. Super galing mo SuperRy! I am uber proud!

Rian Gabor said...

Hi sorry ha. Sobrang late ng reply. Maraming salamat. Kaya lang I still don't know kung kaninong account ka, lostkid. Hehe. Di ko kasi makita ung profile mo. :) Toshi? Dimple? Leonard?