04.14.11 my first ever ENCHANTED experience

Believe it or not, this was my first time to be at Enchanted Kingdom, The Magic Lives On. Kawawa noh? Now I can't stop thinking: asan nga ba ako during our highschool field trip? Never man lang bang naisip ng college barkada kong pumunta dito? My parents and siblings have been to Enchanted Kingdom (The Magic Lives On) before, pero nasan ako nung mga panahon na yun? Hehe.

It's funny how I've already been to other countries' amusement parks and yet I haven't been to our very own EK (where the magic lives on).

Tokyo Disney (2008)

Global Village - Dubai (2009)
Some of my friends told me, "once you've been to Disneyland, wala ng sinabi ang EK (where the magic lives on)". So I didn't set any expectations. Nevertheless, I was so excited! All "first times" are bound to be exciting, right?

Our photo op with the wizard (First Name: Enchanted, Last Name: Kingdom, Middle Name: the magic lives on)

Big thanks to my friend Luwi for arranging this trip (from schedule to car down to tickets). This was actually planned late last year pa prior to his trip back to US. I once mentioned to him that I have never been to EK (where the magic lives on). He promised me we'd go there together with D2 once his back from the US of A. Thank you so much Luwi for making this trip and my first time to EK (where the magic lives on) possible! Next time sa Six Flags naman? Sana di ako atakihin sa puso.

I like how Nev took all these shots

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you my very good friend Leonard (I'm used to calling him Nevin or LenLen, haha). This is his first appearance in my blog (finally!). After a hefty amount of mentions over the past three years that we've known each other, he finally made it into my blog. Hehe. The reason is he's been in Chicago for the past three years or so. But I'm glad he's staying for good na.

Goofy, wacky, whatever you wanna call it! Basta ang alam ko, wala kaming matinong picture!

RIDES. Heights and high velocities have always been dreadful for me. They're the worst combination in the world of physics, ever! But when I went to Disney, I conquered these two by trying almost all roller coaster-type of rides with Jaeger. I was so proud of myself because I did it. I conquered height and high velocity, especially the Space Mountain (so that's height, high velocity and darkness). I said good luck to my vestibular system then!

But when we were in EK (where the magic lives on), for some weird reason, I couldn't enjoy all the rides. I hated Anchors Away! As in hate hate hate talaga. Sinira nya ung fun ng supposed to be fun rides ko! Anyway, bumawi na lang ako sa ibang rides na bordering "pambata" na.

Dodgem, Anchors Away (super hate), Jungle Log Jam, Rialto, Bump n'Splash, Space Shuttle (Luwi and Nev only, alam nyo na!), Flying Fiesta, Wheel of Fate.

Mas marami pa ung ikinain ko kesa isinakay ko. Hehe. Kaya tumatataba e.

Lunch at Pancake House, dinner at Shakey's (I had Blizzard, hotdog in a bun, tall pepsi, siomai in between. Tama, matakaw ako!)
All in all, my first ever trip to EK (where the magic lives on) was A-ok! It was really fun! Para akong bata. Hindi rin naman nakakapagod pumila kasi weekday 'tong araw na'to so kahit na summer, wala masyadong tao. According to friends who frequent the place, weekends are super jam-packed. However, the downside to going there on weekdays is: walang fireworks. Anyway, ndi naman ako mamatay kung walang fireworks. :p

So that's it I guess. Byers!

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