04.09.11 Baguio with Sanders Family

Yeah, I know, another late post. Hehe. Gosh!

This was actually a short-notice semi-planned out-of-town trip. At first I was hesitant to join coz we might not fully enjoy our IT (dahil biglaan), but then I recalled that Mam Ems spent most of her summer time growing up in Baguio. And that made me decide, kering-keri na ang IT! Join na!

We stayed in their 4-bedroom rest house. I had one attic room all to myself. I swear those two nights are my favorite 2011 summer nights because it's chilly! Sarap matulog!

The trip was both for the kids and the adults. The kids enjoyed playing in the park while the adults (ahem!) sat most of the time and ate (mostly me). Masaya na kami sa parelax-relax sa tabing-kalsada na ndi mo magagawa sa siyudad ng Maynila!

Sanders family, different places in Baguio

I part from the family from time to time so I can wander around by myself. Most of the time, when they see me, I'm eating mangga! So during our last day, madalas akong nawawala or nahihiwalay sa kanila. Kennedy or Maddie or Nixon (the presidents) would ask: "Where's Tita Rian?". Mam Ems: "baka bumibili ng mangga!"

Hahaha! I swear, almost every kanto na may mangga, I buy! Hihihi. I also tried their famous binatog. Most of our meals are home-cooked by none other than Mam Emily herself! My fave among the food she prepared: garden fresh salad with strawberry vinaigrette! Oh ha, napakain ako ng gulay ng di oras! And of course, who would forget about Volante's pizza?! L-O-V-E!

In the Philippines, aside from Iloilo, I can say that Baguio is one of my fave places to do food tripping!
Maddie loves smiling not only for the camera but almost all the time (except when the presidents fight). Isn't she adorable?!

For me, hindi naluluma ang boating activity sa Burnham lake. The kids suggested that we do a race from one end of the lake to the other. Girls vs. boys. I forgot who won! (Deim, I'm only 25 y/o and my memory's failing me already!)

Happy! Just happy. Thanks Mam Ems and Mike sa pagbitbit sa akin. See you soon kiddos!

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