Events I forgot to document...

Earlier, while I was walking around Burnham park and taking pictures of almost everything under the sun, I noticed that I am running low in memory (not me, my SD card, pero pwede na rin ako!). As soon as we got back to Mam Emily's house, I just had dinner with them and hurried to my room to free up some space in the SD card. I deleted everything that has already been upped in my blog. Then I found lots of pictures of events na I forgot to document. Must be due to lack of time (definitely!) and forgetfulness.

01.29.11 -- UST @ night

Eu asked me to take pics of him and Anne inside UST. Complete album is here. Meanwhile, here are two of my fave pics:

These photos were taken past 7 in the evening but it looks like the sun is about to rise pa lang, or set.

02.05.2011 -- Blessing of Sanders' warehouse + celebration of Nixon & Mam Emily's birthday

Click here to view full album.

Nixon, about to blow his cake's candles
Pabitin :D classic!
(L-R): My bestfriend Zen, Mam Emily, and my friend (with the highest IQ, hahaha!) Eilu
I will make a separate post for the Baccalaureate Mass and Quadricentennial Graduation. Right now, I'm just happy that I was able to free up 236.8 mb of memory from my 4gb SD card (wth! andami ko pa kelangan tanggalin!).

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