KatrÈ and Wicked Kitchen

Last Friday, I was sort of craving for something Mediterranean to eat. Ma'am Emily immediately suggested KatrÈ.

When we got there (around 8pm), the place was already full. Executive chef and owner of the place Mr. Roxs Cailao gave us a warm welcome. I must say he is a very accommodating person. He even did the table search for us. Unfortunately, after a few minutes he came back to us and apologized for there will be no available table for the next hour or so. He suggested that we better call for reservations the next time we decided to dine in there. Then he gave each one of us a calling card.

On our way out of Katre while deciding where to eat along Tomas Morato, Emily saw a table (not big but enough for 5 hungry people to dine) set near the entrance door (I'm assuming it's for people who are waiting to be seated). However there were 2 chairs only. In our heads we were like: "papatulan na ba natin 'to?". And we decided, "sige!". We asked one of the waiters to give us three more chairs and he sent it right away. Voila!

Here's our set of meal:

Greek Salad (Php 190)

Trilogy Bruschetta (Php 280)

Grilled Pita (Php 95)

Roast Chicken (Php 295)

Lamb Curry (Php 395)
Grilled Mahi-mahi (Php 365)
My grade for KatrÈ

Taste: ★★★★
Ambiance: ★★★ and a half
Cleanliness: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★★ (tip: the kitchen is located at the 2nd floor so if you're table is at the ground floor, you might want to give a  little more tip to the waiter coz climbing up and down the stairs with trays is really hard!)
Value for your money: ★★★★

If you plan to go to Katre, here's the number to call for reservations:

After dinner, we decided to jump to Wicked Kitchen for sinful desserts. Yes sinful! Coz they named their desserts after the 7 capital sins. We had gluttony and wrath.

 Gluttony is made of freshly-baked choco chip cookie topped with ice cream, whip cream and chocolate syrup.

Wrath is a mango crepe dessert with chocolate syrup mixed with hot chili sauce to add a zing. I thought it was a terrible combination but I barely tasted the spice. It was good nevertheless.

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