My DIY Kindle Cover

Having an amazing gadget like Kindle makes you wanna do everything to protect it from scratches and fluid spills. I was actually eyeing for this product, an Acase White Leather Case with Multiple Stand from Amazon coz it is, among all Kindle covers available online, the most affordable (I think) and I must say, it looks elegant too. However, it will take long pa before I get it (will order it, ship it to a friend in Chicago, then get it once he's back home here in Manila). So what's gonna protect my Kindle while the leather case is in transit?

No other than my do-it-yourself Kindle cover. Voila!

All I needed was a nice planner with synthetic leather cover from National Bookstore (Php180) and some colorful blu-tacs (Php60+) and I got myself an improvised Kindle leather cover for less than $5!

How to do it:

Attach the blu-tacs at the back of your Kindle device. You may reinforce the hold by putting some at the middle of the device.

Detach the synthetic leather cover from the planner and attach the device to it, pressing firmly on where the blu-tacs are attached to achieve a steady hold.

That's it! Detaching the device is as easy as mounting it to the case. Hassle-free and no mess at all.

Up 'til now I'm still amazed at how slim this device is. But more about that in a separate blog entry!

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