Extra power, extra charge!

Don't you just hate it when your battery gets drained in the middle of the day and you forgot your charger at home? Or even if you do have a charger with you, there's no AC outlet available. Bummer!

During one of my online shoppings, I saw these Blackberry accessories and decided to place an order. Even if I always bring my charger with me, I thought this could still help in times na I'm on the go talaga. I'll just switch my battery pack and voila!, instant full charge.

I just love "instant" stuff. I know that external battery chargers are widely-available here in Manila but the original ones are too expensive while the "immitations" are too risky to use. You know what I'm talking about! Look at how much I saved:

External battery charger cradle
Price: $5.58 or Php 239.94 (mall price: Php 600 and up)
Store: Amazon.com

Extra Blackberrybattery
Price: $3.49 or Php 150.07 (mall price: Php 600 to 1200)
Store: Amazon.com

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