A day at the fountain pen haven!

Yesterday, I received my first ever fountain pen. How did it happen? Let's backtrack a few hours before that. 

Eilu and I went to Eastwood to look for a new fountain pen and ink. They're my token of appreciation for all the help she gave me during my hell weeks (when my thesis file got corrupted by Windows and when I did my data collection). 

We stayed in Scribe for almost an hour and marvelled (mostly me) at the items and cute stuff in there. Eilu was busy chatting with two fellow fountain pen club members.

 After buying her the ink, we went to Cookbook Kitchen which is, according to her a must-try.

For appetizer, we ordered Garlic Shrimps (Php 140).

Lemonade and Red Iced Tea
 I must say this dish is one of the best fish dishes I've ever tried!
Parmesan Crusted White Fish (Php 290)

Among the food we ordered, this one is of our least favorite. (READ: Mediocre)
Gen's Steak (Php 360)
 Shrimp overload!!!
Tomato-Basil Shrimp Pasta (Php 250)
While having dinner, we "tried" to make sure that there's room for dessert. Guess what? F-A-I-L! So we decided to walk walk walk around for a bit before heading to Red Mango.

After dessert, I finally decided to buy her one of the glass fountain pens that she like. I chose the green one coz the red one looks like a candy cane and the blue is very ordinary.

Here are some shots taken at Eilu's attic, showcasing her fountain pens. Costs range from Php 2 (yes, dalawang piso po!) to Php 9,000+ (for a pen?!).

After showing me her collection, Eilu gave me one fountain pen that, according to her "masyadong payat para sa akin". Hehe. She's hoping that she can convince me to start my own collection. Should I give in? We'll see. :D

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