19 East: The Bitin Experience

I started the day by waking up at 11am. Good thing? Yes, coz my class does not start 'til 1pm on Thursdays. Good thing? Still, yes! I've been sleeping on an average of 3 to 4 hours since January, since the thesis ordeal started! And when I finally got to pass my thesis manuscript last Wednesday, I don't care if I ever wake up again, ever! (Kidding! I still have to defend it!).

My class started 1pm and it's supposed to end at 7, but I asked the subject head if I can leave earlier than usual coz I have to pass by UST TARC (Thomas Aquinas Research Complex) to submit the rest of the oral defense requirements, before I head down south.

Toshi and I have been planning to see this gig since last week of January. Being the only concert buddy who remained with me through the years, we made sure that we're not going to miss this event since we've been there for Sugarfree from the start (haha, epal na fan!) and we don't wanna miss the last leg of their gigs.

Among the list of gigs, we picked the 24th (Sugarfree with Sandwich)  at 19 east even though it is so far from where we live. Thanks so much Gracie. It was so generous of you to offer a ride. Really! Thanks for patiently waiting for Tosh and I.

Now, to explain why this entry's title is "Bitin experience": Di ba we went there for Sugarfree and Sandwich's gig. Well, I didn't get to see them play. I was there to make sure Toshi got into the venue. He has that attitude kasi na "I'm not going if you won't go". I should know! Coz last week, that's what happened in our "sugarfree in katipunan" arrangement with Nok. And also during the Deftones concert (READ: ALMOST!). I went home early coz of Miggy (my migraine). Miggy attacked at around 3pm yesterday, and I know I won't be able to see the gig, but I don't wanna let Toshi down. I remember he even said in one of our YM conversations: "Lakad mo 'to!". When we got there (at 19 east), I was hoping I'd feel better so I can stay longer. I ordered food, which took forever and sa sobrang inis namin, Ojie had to cancel it. I didn't skip lunch and I had snack naman at 4pm so there's nothing to worry about tummy migraine, but the greatest culprit of all is cigarette SMOKE! :(

Anyway, I can't do anything about it. That's a place where people are allowed to smoke talaga. No one can ask them to stop just so ONE customer could enjoy the rest of the night. So I just gave in. I decided to go home so I could rest my head on my pillow.

I'm still so happy I got to see Gracie after quite some time. She's leaving for the US of A next month. Here's the rest of the pics from last night's bitin experience:

Thanks Gracie! Ingat and enjoy USA. :) Hope to see you soon, doon! Hehe.

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