Thanks for the prayers in preparation for my colloquium. This is how your prayers worked. Two days straight (thurs and fri) I was bedridden coz of severe migraine. Super disabling. I only got out whenever I'm needed at school (as research assistant to Sir Val's dissertation and during the UST quadricentennial grand alumni homecoming). I didn't even get to prepare for my colloquium. Let's just say, 60% prepared lang ako and that was because I crammed last night and slept 4am na. Then, when I woke up just now, I read a msg saying colloquium was moved to next week. I'm the type of person who sees "delaying" as prolonging the agony. And ever since, I never saw cancellation of classes as something to yell this phrase at: "YEHEY walang pasok! Woohoo". But this time, it's a blessing! Thanks to all who prayed for me.

Now that I analyzed God's message this past few days, I finally came to understand what He truly meant. When he gave me the migraine, it was painful. But as always, it's a signal that I'm too overworked and that my body is too heavily-fatigued to function (true because for the past weeks, I've been getting an average of 3-4 hours a sleep daily). As always, that is His signal telling me to slow things down. Yesterday, I can't deny that I got a little upset coz He made me waste time by just sleeping for two days without having anything accomplished. But today, I realized He is really serious about me taking things slowly coz He even extended my prepation and rest. Thank you Lord. Sorry if I sometimes fail to recognize the true meaning of your message. I pray that you give me the wisdom to decipher the true meaning of each message. I understand that most of it will be a struggling task, but please don't let me miss Your message Father. Thank you.

Your daughter,

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