Today I'm thankful for: technology, books, technology and books combined, writers, creative minds, stories to tell, games, language (written and spoken) affordability and paperless strategies. I'm thankful for whoever conceptualized the Kindle device. Thank you @AmazonKindle ☺

Happy reading to me!

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Faye Libardo said...

Hi Ma’am Rian. I’ve been a follower of your blog since last year and I remember reading this entry before. I’m getting the option of buying Kindle keyboard for my ebooks. I wanted my books to come on handy for study and I remember someone suggesting this device. I’m an incoming 4th PT student and I realized how important it is to read, read, and read. And as you’ve always added to your entries, every minute counts (most especially in RS). So I thought of getting one so I could bring my books everywhere. I’ve heard it also allows you to highlight and annotate books and pdfs. I needed someone who exactly knows what Kindle could offer and you were the first person that came into my mind. I wanted to ask, Ma’am, if it’s efficient to get one for the references we use in school. And will it be helpful for study? For someone coming from the same college with the same school load, do you advise po to use this one for easy access of references? I know this is too much to ask from you, Ma’am Rai and I’m sorry. But thank you parin po. Thank you so much!  -F.Libardo

Rian G. said...

Oh em gee! I'm sorry for the very late reply Faye! I didn't see your comment until now! Haay. Anyway, were you able to buy na ba? Kasi if not, I suggest ung Kindle DX ang buy mo kasi mas maganda kung mas malaki ung screen para ndi ka scroll ng scroll down pag nagbabasa ka ng textbooks natin. Also, kung ok lang sayo, black & white lang talaga sya. Pero guaranteed naman na mahaba ang battery life, as in! Again, sorry for the late reply. Will talk to you in school!

Faye Angelie said...

Ma'am Rai! Superduper na-appreciate ko po ang pagreply mo sa akin. Maraming salamat po! Okay lang po na natagalan, 'twas worth the wait. :) And I'm thinking of getting it as a Christmas gift for myself pa naman po kaya okay lang. :D Di pa po ako bumili. Pero at least now I know na it's worth the buy naman. Tapos you suggested po na Kindle DX ang better buy. I checked it online. It's more expensive. Haha. And has no wifi. Hihi. Pero po, nagmamatter po ba kung may wifi or wala sa speed nya or on how you'll access for the books?

And Ma'am, was it too obvious that I only made a blogger account to comment on your page? Hahaha. Isa pa pong pasasalamat sa pagpapadali ng buhay ko. Now I can comment through twitter or facebook na. :)) Maraming salamat po ulit ng marami!

Rian G. said...

Hello again Faye. I always bring my Kindle with me so if you want you may try browsing books and all the other features. Pwede na rin naman kasi ung Kindle 3, pero I suggested DX mainly because of the screen size. Kung matyaga ka naman mag-scroll with the smaller one, then pwede na rin un. Plus ung wifi nga. Ako kasi, dun na ako bumibili ng books, via wifi tapos via wifi na rin ang delivery. I don't have to plug it on my computer just to transfer books. But say, you already have all your ebooks with you sa PC mo, tapos tamang transfer na lang, then pwedeng wala ka nang wifi (DX). Hay nako, andaming pros and cons talaga. Basta, you have to try it muna para alam mo ung feel ng page flipping nya and how our big books would look on my small screen. Para ikaw na mismo magdecide kung alin ang bibilhin mo. :)

Oh, I'm glad you liked this commenting feature. I hope marami pang gumamit nito kasi sometimes hindi ko na maaccommodate ung ibang students na namimeet ko sa corridor telling me their comments about my posts. Haha. Of course I wanna listen to what they all have to say, I just don't have enough time. So now that they can comment via FB or twitter, sana mabasa ko sila dito. :)

Faye Angelie said...

Hi Ma'am! I couldn't thank you enough for really showing me your kindle device. During your proctoring pa. Hihi! Can't get over with it! :) I found myself lost with words during that time, but I really wanted to say na convinced naman po ako to buy already. I remember you saying "go ka na?" and wanted to agree with the word, "convinced" pero you left me speechless po. Haha. Thank you so much, ma'am! I'll update you the soonest! I know I'll be needing your advice as to what apps to purchase and how I can maximize the use of it. Thank you for making time, Ma'am Rai! I appreciate it po so much! :)