I'm sorry Chuck but you're a terrible spy!

I watched the latest episode of Chuck yesterday and I just noticed: CHUCK is getting really bad! It's such a terrible espionage sitcom! We pointed out some flaws that the sitcom has which made it not-so-spy-ish!

1. Spies do NOT wear too flashy and impractical outfits, like what Sarah Parker does:

2. Spies do not talk while holding their wristwatch near their mouth for everyone to see! Duh, di ka masyadong pa-obvious noh?! And sino ba sa presinto ang pinapayagan magsuot ng watch, haller confiscated lahat ng gamit dun noh!

3. We just remembered that in this sitcom, mahirap talagang mamatay ang bad grass, even if you shoot them on the chest thrice!

4. Oftentimes, they save the day by using far-fetched ideas!

5. How the heck does the intersect keep getting updated? And what's the purpose of that PSP thing that "somehow" erased the intersect only to give it back two or three episodes later?!

Basta basta, terrible terrible! We thought that watching Chuck is just a waste of precious 45 mins each week. So we decided that if the episodes this season don't get any better, we'll totally cut it off our list of weekly sitcoms. Last season na'to for us. So please, do get better Chuck writers!

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