Here's to a clutter-free 2011!

Since I was all alone in my apartment during the last day of 2010, I decided to welcome 2011 by cleaning my apartment. When Crissy saw what I did with my apartment, she said: "uy, parang di mo to bahay ah! parang bachelor's pad. Pero asahan mo, pagdating ni mokong, gulo gulo na naman yan!". Hehe. Makalat kasi si Moks kapag bumibisita sya sa apartment. Basta, parang "It's a jungle out there!" talaga ang drama ng apartment ko. Boys talaga!

Here's my study/work table. Actually it's not mine mine. It was provided by my landlady when I moved in. See all those pens and pencils sa left side? It's being held by one of my recyclables: a Kool-Aid juice canister. Hehe. Reuse, reduce, recycle! You know what's funny, sa office table ko wala ako kahit isang pen or pencil! Whilst dito sa work table ko sa apartment, bumabaha ng mga panulat!

Thank you Saizen and Howard's for the different types of cord organizers!
Cord winder from Saizen (price: Php85 for 2pcs)

Oo na! Ako na ang addict sa cord organizer!

This is my cabinet (again, not mine coz it's a built-in cabinet). The left side was originally Kevs' but because he's staying in Mindoro na ulit, I used that side na for the beddings and other stuff. I miss Kevs by the way. Isa pa sya sa mga taong madalas magkalat sa apartment namin. Heehee.

My kitchen. When not in use, I hide my electric griller and oven toaster sa overhead cabinet so that the top of the ref wouldn't look so crowded.

That's my two-decade old TV oh! Hehe. I'm eyeing for a flat-screen TV (LCD or LED, maalin) para mapalitan na ang tube na yan. Pero I plan to buy pa around June, or after I graduate para ndi magkaroon ng financial demise.

I hope I can keep everything neat inside my home all year-round! Happy 2011!

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