Behold my office table. Crazy ung "before" noh. Yesterday I read statements from the author of Focus, Leo Babauta. He said that in this time and age of technology, it's really hard to focus on one thing only. You start a task and every now and then you get distracted by the beep of your phone. A new email, tweet, facebook notification and more. The list goes on and on. Distractions delay us and these distractions also came from the very things (gadgets) that promised to help us make our work easier and finish faster. Though this is not the point why I posted these pictures, I feel like it really knocked some sense unto me. I'm currently using a smartphone that I use to manage 6 (yes SIX!) email accounts (3 personal, 1 ust email, 1 ppta email, 1 BB email). Plus my social networking apps pa are all there (2 fb accounts, ym, google talk, twitter, BBM, foursquare!). So can you just imagine how many notifications I get every hour of my life? Hehe. Though I don't despise my phone. Sana lang, I get to moderate my use of it esp in times when I need to focus and work on my thesis and lessons.

Going back to my office table, I decided to eliminate the clutter (like what I did to my apartment) so I can focus on only one task at hand. The author showcases the power of doing less. He suggested to single-task instead of multitask and one way to start doing that is to clean the desk and remove everything that could sway you from what you are currently doing (something urgent maybe). So all of the checked and recorded test papers (on the left side of before), I piled it neatly under my desk, ready for distribution the next time I see the 2PTs. I categorized my documents according to courses and I moved all subjects from last semester to a remote cabinet in the office. So right now, my pigeon hole contains all subjects for this sem only.

I finished cleaning my desk around 5pm (I started 1pm) and tried working on it til 8pm. It worked! One task at a time, I was able to finish my TO-DO list without multitasking at all!

Try it guys, FOCUS!

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wanderlass said...

oh gosh where did u put them? my room is a mess and so in need of de-cluttering. i do plan to clean up one of these days. i've contracted my cousin who is an OC and volunteer to do it. i'm excited to find the stuff i lost. congratulations for "cleaning up your act" =)

Rian Gabor said...

gave the corrected test papers back to my students. :) other papers, down the shredder.

enjoy the de-cluttered version of your room, soon! I assure you, you'll feel better! :D