The best things in life are indeed free! Two years ago, I was supposed to switch from MS Windows XP to Linux Mint. But for some reason (TOXICITY!!!), I wasn't able to make that big change.

While I was using my laptop last weekend, I felt it needed a revamp. It slowed down considerably and it took a good chunk of my time (booting up, loading, etc.). I can't afford to lose time especially if I have a lot of things to do. Most of my work pa naman would require the use of a computer. I thought of reformatting my laptop. It's easy, I just have to backup my files and that's it. I somehow know the process naman coz I did it sa past laptops ko. But then again, it wouldn't make such a big difference coz I'm gonna be using MS Windows Vista as my OS pa rin (so you now know how I really feel dba?). VISTA means SLOW. VISTA means waste of time. MS Windows = virus, worm, trojan. Yeah, I associate those terms na with those words. Uber bagal and masarap na tahanan ng mga virus.

That same day (exactly 6 days ago), I decided I'd switch to Linux. Yes! I decided I'd give this amazing FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) a go. With the help of Eilu (who has been using Linux for N number of years), I was able to obtain this amazing work of technology. Thank you to all the great minds behind it. Eilu gave me Ubuntu!

the Ubuntu official logo

At first, I was hesitant to remove Vista from my laptop (due to compatibility issues). The original plan was to install Ubuntu side-by-side with Vista so I can choose whether to boot with Vista or Linux. I don't wanna part with my precious Adobe PS 3 kasi, plus all the other stuff like utorrent, frostwire, SPSS (I'll be needing this sa thesis ko), etc. Then, Eilu told me all the softwares ng Ubuntu na counterpart ng mga nabanggit ko. Adobe PS3 = Gimp. utorrent = ktorrent. frostwire = frostwire. SPSS = PSPP. And many many more. You know what, I got so delighted when she told me that and without thinking twice, I told her: "Sige, remove Vista na!" Hehehe.

Right now, I'm enjoying using my lappy again. Parang bago lang. Sobrang bilis! And I don't have to worry about worms and trojans anymore (especially ngayon na may umiikot na kung ano anong trojan sa computers sa faculty room!).

Salamat Linux. Salamat sa Ubuntu!

A screenshot of my current desktop

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