Quadricentennial Retreat

November 3 to 5, 2010
CRS Admin, Faculty & Non-teaching Personnel
One of the highlights of our quadricentennial celebration was the Q-retreat for all Thomasian employess. Our Q-retreat was entitled: Tria Haec with different themes for each day. Day 1: Impelled by Faith, Day 2: Propelled by Hope and Day 3: Compelled by Love.

The Q-retreat was held in SMX Convention Center and there were like 2,000+ employees who attended the first day (expected was 2,700 but there were 666 absentees). Yes I know, 666! Deim, that number creeps me out. Anyway, on the second day there were more absentees and on the last day, there were 900+ absentees. Guess what, I was one of the 900+ absentees. And I have a valid reason for this. I really really wanted to attend the third day retreat but unfortunately, I got food poisoning from the snacks given during Day 2: chicken alfredo. I vomited all the fluids I took in (obviously bacterial in nature) that I got so weak by the end of the day til the next day. Worse, I even got a migraine. Blerg! The same thing happened to Mam Emily but she was able to attend Day 3 pa rin.

Arch of the Century

The Main Building (first ever earthquake-proof bldg in the PI)

Funny coz we really enjoyed taking pics in front of the big backdrops of Main and the Arch e lagi naman kami nasa UST tapos di kami ganito ka-crazy for pics sa mga historical structures na yun. Hehe.

The hosts (Father Caloy and Father Jek-jek) were incredible! They managed to keep us awake all the time! And the speakers were brilliant! I was really moved by Prof Lourdes Bautista and Tita de Villa's witnessing. Not to mention Father Ted Bacani and Father Luis Tagle's talks. Two words for these two priests: great minds! Congratulations to all the seminarians for a job well done! As in, very systematic in every way. From attendance, to table/seat allocation to program flow. Also, they were kind enough to help in serving the food during Day 2 (when Josiah's catering crew can't do it properly! Haaayst.)

I'm proud to be part of this event even if 2/3 lang ang participation ko. Thank you UST and Happy 400th!

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