Rockband (from easy to medium)!

Recently, I've been nurturing this addiction that I will call "Rockband-ing"! Whattap! I've been playing every weekend, 2 weeks in a row na! (Would that qualify as an addiction na, plus the constant pangungulit to my friends: "let's play rockband na, cge na!").

Last week I played with Toshi and then we had two of my students join us in the studio. And then yesterday, I was with Toshi (still) plus Mam Emily, her son Kennedy and a student (funny coz this student of ours met Tosh in a gaming event sometime before, small world right!). We rotated and constantly swapped the instruments (para mas enjoy) so I had the chance to play the drums, be the bassist and the lead, and vocalist. I'm happy coz this is just my second time playing rockband and I was able to switch from Easy mode to Medium! Fun!

Because Kennedy was there, we had to play a lot of Sponge Bob songs and the songs that he has on his iPod (guns n' roses, nirvana, etc.) Cool for an 8 year old kid right?!

Now I'm thinking if I could actually have my own rockband set at home. Sony PS3 and rockband as Xmas gift? Okay, simulan na ang puspusang pag-iipon! Hehehe.

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