Rock-bonding with Loowee

This is Luwi when he first got back from the states: skinhead and buff. After 3 months (or maybe more) of stay here in Manila and a month in Boracay, I think he gained a few pounds which is not good coz his white coat was made exactly for his "buff" size.

[Luwi is my multi-talented, multi-lingual and ├╝ber galeng friend, a former co-teacher in the college where I work. He graduated cum laude in PT 4 years ahead of me and magna cum laude in medicine (both in UST). And should I mention pa ba his being a topnotcher in the Board of Medicine and PT? Tapos garnering almost perfect scores (99%, may 100% ba sa ibang phase Luwi?) in Medicine Licensure Examinations in the states and NPTE! Haaay, walang kasing highly-cerebral ata ang taong eto! And hindi pa rin sya nagsasawang mag-aral. Right now, he is polishing his German and French language skills (both self-study lang). He's done with Spanish and he is eye-ing on the dreaded Nihonggo!]

At this exact moment that I am writing this entry, Luwi just texted me his buh-bye. He is about to leave on a jet plane na naman. His future will be based on the outcome of his interviews in USA. Cleveland Clinic? Mayo Clinic? Kahit saan pa yan, I'm sure magkikita ulit tayo. Good luck and God bless Loowee!

Here are some pictures of our last night out together: the night we had sooo much fun coz of Rock Band! D-two joined us also. Kasi naman, ang hirap kayang kumanta at mag-gitara ng sabay (that's for me) and kumanta at mag-drums (for luwi!) hahaha. Kaadikan dba!

Yellowcab (Lacson)

Syempre, after 3 hours of gruelling Rock Band, we got really hungry. Over these food, we had our last face-to-face kwentuhan for this year. Balik ka agad Luwi ha! See you early next year!

4-seasons, Potato wedges and my favorite Yellowcab pasta: 

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