Instant "own world"

Sometimes, jeepney rides can be very annoying. In my experiences, most of the time the "annoying contributors" are the other passengers themselves. A few times, the driver.

My jeepney ride from my apartment to workplace is as short as 6minutes (without heavy traffic) and 15-20mins (with heavy traffic). But I really hate it when there happens to be someone who's riding the jeep and she's soooo daldal to her friends! As in for everyone to hear! I mean, can't you just talk to your friend instead of shouting and letting everyone know about your life stories! I don't get the point in shouting, come on! You are just separated by at least a few inches from each other so unless your friend is deaf, you really don't have to shout.

Now I know why most commuters prefer to bring their mp3 players and iPods to work or school. The hell-ish experiences a jeepney or bus ride can give you are readily remedied by music. What I did earlier was to pull out my earphones from my bag and put it on my ears. And at that very moment, when I hit the play button, oh dear Lord, thank you for this so-called instant "own world". I didn't hear anything, especially the bickering of that woman, except music. Thanks sooo much!

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