Cleaning my desktop

I opened my laptop just now and I was soo shocked at what I saw! THIS:

My desktop post-toxicity week (BEFORE)

Grabe, I didn't notice I've already accumulated this much mess in my laptop for just a week' of toxicity. Golay!  I am accustomed to using the "dock" for three years now (not because I'm a trying hard Mac-user-wannabe, but!) because it makes my desktop nice and clean. I have never had this much files in my desktop for the past three years, believe me! I know for others, this is just a normal amount of desktop folders and files, but not to me. My immediate action was to put my files to where they should really belong. And in less than 20 minutes, I did it!

I am so oc-oc when it comes to arranging my files. They are categorized as follows:
> Books - all the file copies of the books I have further subdivided into ACADEMIC and LEISURE; contains e-books, audio books, comics, etc.
> Installers - downloaded softwares and applications; full of something that I can share to everyone (Sa office: Ri, may pang-convert ka ng .AMR to .mp3? Ako: Yep.)
> Personal - categories are basically the same as the labels of my blog entries, majoring on FOOD, MUSIC, TRAVEL, manga, jokes, photography, cars, etc.)
> PPTA - all my files for our national professional organization: Philippine Physical Therapy Association
> UST CRS - of course, this deserves a separate folder, my work
> UST Grad School - graduate school, need I say more?

Music - separated by albums
Pictures - filed according to date of event

So here's my work after sorting out everything and putting them to where they belong:
My Desktop post-cleaning

At last, normal na naman ang paningin ko sa desktop ko. I'm so happy again. Ang gaan sa pakiramdam. Hehe. Ngayon, hapdi na ng mata ko. Time to sleep. Nakalimutan ko na rin kasi ung reason talaga kung bakit ko binuksan laptop ko e. Di ko na nagawa. Tomorrow na lang, if maalala ko! Heehee. Adios!


DimpleAnn said...

Super same here! My desktop is NEAT! I have almost the same folders - Professional, Entertainment (Videos, Books, Games), Music, Installers, Pictures (arranged per year, month and date),etc. It jsut feels right if you open your laptop and what greets you is a clean picture of you. :)

Rian Gabor said...

Hehehe! High five!