Those unforgettable things that happened last year!

It has been a year since Ondoy visited the Philippines. I revisited my blog entry about my Ondoy experience last year (here's the link). Back then, I really didn't know what the name of the typhoon was. So I named it Tocino because that was our dinner the night we got stranded inside the Medicine Building. That night, I was so thankful that we got to eat one full meal even if it's a breakfast type of meal! Wala nang panahon para pumili pa, kung ano na lang ang available. We have to feed 45 CRS students pa because they were stranded inside the building as well. If you'll think about it, it's hard to take care of yourself when you're in this kind of situation, and it's even harder to take care of 45 more people especially if they're so vulnerable and so clueless as to how to survive that sitch.

But I'm lucky they are not 500+ (like the number of students the Faculty of Nursing has to take care of during that day/night of calamity). I remembered the Nursing teachers were distributing water and 2 pieces of bread to each student just to get by. The food provisions didn't reach the Medicine Building. We heard that in the nearby buildings (Tan Yan Kee Bldg and AMV Accountancy), food were distributed to everyone. Although, according to some students of mine, the provisions weren't enough either.

I'm also thankful that I was with 4 other co-faculty members (Mam Janine, Sir Tots, Mam Cath and Mam Joyce Yanada) that day.

Another thing is, I'm glad that my parents were in my apartment the day Ondoy came. Because I know that they are safe inside my place. And that they were there to take care of my brother Kevin. Thinking that if my parents weren't there that day, I could have gone crazy and might have thought of wading through the floodwaters of Sampaloc just so I could go home and be with him. But I could only imagine the impending danger one might experience by going through the flood. Electrocution? An open man-hole concealed from your site by the dark murky floodwater? That's suicide! So again, I am thankful that my parents were home with my brother.

Come to think of it, my Ondoy experiences weren't all negative in nature. I also remember, this was the time when I became closer to the most significant person in my life right now. One time, he told me that "Ondoy made us closer to each other". But no, we weren't together that day/night. We weren't even under the same roof. We accompanied each other through the boredom by texting. Yes, through SMS! My line was still prepaid back then, and I ran out of load already. Luckily, I got to ask a friend who owns a sari-sari store to send me some prepaid credits. And I found myself happy to be exchanging messages with him. We exchanged a lot of ideas that I have never shared with anyone before. It felt really warm when he reminded me not to tire myself and that I should eat something no matter how small the amount is. "At least have something to drink even if there's no food." Little did I know that that was the start of something grand!

I also remembered earlier that my bestfriend Dimple has a featured article in Young Blood entitled Girl Scout. Here's the link. I really like how she writes her article! It's as if she's typing the words and pouring them out directly from her heart. That's why I'm an avid follower of her blog.

These are the highlights of my Ondoy thoughts for now. I'm beginning to think that I have selective memory when it comes to tragic events such as this because I can only (or only want to) remember the things that I am thankful for. Bottom line is I think everyone had already moved on. And for those who are heavily scarred by this incident and are still contemplating about its impact to their lives, I pray that they'll be okay the soonest time possible.

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