Last Saturday, I went to Ortigas with Mam Emily Sanders. She was invited to be the speaker of ICANSERVE foundation in one of their small talks for breast cancer survivors. They conduct different seminars or talks every once in a while to further promote awareness and help the survivors manage the post-surgical effects of mastectomy.

Mam Emily Sanders is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and now that she's back from the states, she has this great task of spreading the knowledge regarding lymphedema and its management. To date, there's no one in the Philippines that is certified to do this. She's been practicing in the USA for 2 decades but she decided to come back to raise her children here in our country. "We are very lucky to have someone like her in our country", this is according to one of the event's hosts.

This is Mam Ems during the talk.

This is my name tag during the event. Mam Ems taught me how to do one stroke only. Just one stroke, out of the many strokes that are available. I'm not a practitioner, I was just there to watch her and to somehow learn how lymphedema management is done. What are the do's and don'ts. I got really interested. Plus I got to meet all these nice people who made it through the roughness of cancer. They're really tough, and also really grateful for being there listening to Mam Ems. Me too, I'm really grateful to be of assistance to her with her simple needs, like carrying the pillows, setting up the plinth, etc.

I'm looking forward to more talks in the future, with Mam Ems! Sooo talented. It seems like she knows everything in our field, what works and what not works!

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