Vestibular Rehabilitation Seminar-Workshop

Location: 10/F, Hon Kwok Jordan Centre, 7 Hillwood Road, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
August 21 & 22, 2010
c/o Health HEMAX

I attended this spectacular seminar last weekend and I can't hide my zeal in putting the skills I learned to good use. I just don't know where and how to start. All I know is that if I don't start right away, all the eagerness would soon be gone and all my knowledge regarding vestibular rehabilitation will be like dusty books in the mini-library of my brain. I don't want that to happen. So how do I start?

First, I will post pics taken during the workshop. Hehe. Okay, I know that it has no direct connection to my goal of trying to proliferate vestibular rehabilitation (in Manila at least), but somehow this would help in promoting awareness. (I don't know why I just said that. Hehe.)

Day 1:
In this picture, (upper L-hand corner) Ms Lee Huan is demonstrating an advanced gaze stabilization exercise. Next to it is a head shaking test. (upper R-hand corner) Ms Wei Wei's somatosensory perception is being challenged by standing on a foam. I, on the other hand, am doing an optokinetic nystagmus test. My subject is Phillip Clarke.

Day 2:
We talked about BPPV and some other vestibular problems due to central lesion.

There were only 17 (or 18) participants during this two-day seminar-workshop that's why interacting with most of them wasn't so hard at all. I met 4 Filipino ENT doctors from Cebu and they're very passionate about putting a vestibular center in their province. HK physiotherapists are very skilled. I practice with May and Phillip during return demonstration time. They're both awesome! May is a physiotherapist who has been practicing in HK for 27 years already!!! Wow right! Phillip is an osteopath from England who worked for several years in Japan. He's based in HK for almost 2 years now. Thanks guys for being my subjects during practice time. :)

They are our mentors: (from L-R) Mr Wee Seng Kwee, Ms Seah Wei Wei, yours truly and Ms Tee Lee Huan. They're soooo cool! Thanks for sharing to us what you know about vestibular rehab. :)

And this is the very generous and hospitable, Mr Lau Siu On. He organized this seminar-workshop. Thank you so much Mr Lau. See you soon!

During lunch on Day 2. Yummy dimsums. Thanks Mr. Lau for the treat!

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