BabyLen and Omai's Wedding

They've been together for almost 10 years already. Finally, they are now husband and wife. Congratulations Len and Omai. I have always known that you two are meant for each other, even before you took your vows. Si Omai, sobrang napatunayan na ang: "in sickness and in health" with Len. I really admire Omai for that, his patience and his love for Len despite her sensitive years. Thank you Omai for taking care of our sweet Baby Len.

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Haay, ang ating Baby Len, Mrs. Diaz na. Hehe. I'm so happy for you Len. Please do keep in touch kahit san lupalop ka man ng daigdig manirahan. Spencer's angels love you so much!

For full album, click HERE!!!
(lalong lalo na kayo Kastine and Spencer! pinaghirapan namin ang mga pics na yan para ma-feel nyo na present kayo sa special event na ito ni Len. hehehe. pagtiyagaan nyo na lang kasi medyo marami. Enjoy!)

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