Reef Walking and ATV driving adventure in Boracay

yep yep, i know sobrang late na neto para tawaging "summer" adventure but i enjoyed it nevertheless. i really love boracay's sand and water. and what's even greater is that i don't run out of things to do even if i've been here a couple of times before. i've never been to boracay ng "peakest" of the peak season but it's better that way kasi konti lang tao. :) and water activities are like 50% off!!!!!!! hehehe. i just wish i could stay longer than 3 days next time para i can learn how to do kiteboarding. they said it would take 5 to 15 hours before you can totally manage kiteboarding. i wanna try parascending too! oooh, i'm gonna be broke! hahaha. salamat na lang sa off-peak rates!

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