pressure... cooker!


tell me where our time went, and if it was time well spent...

oops, wait! what?! summer break is almost over na? where's April and May? ganun lang kabilis yun? ang kalendaryo nga naman, wala nang ginawa kundi tumakbo ng tumakbo. oh well, wala na ako magagawa. i think i've been productive naman this summer break: summer lectures, board review and well, isama na natin ang aking hospitalization and recovery. :) at least recharged na ulit ako for the upcoming sem.

just don't let me fall asleep, feeling empty again. cause i fear i might break, and i fear i cant take it, some night i'll lie awake, feeling empty...

you know what my greatest fear is right now: SLEEPLESS NIGHTS! dati hindi, kasi i'm an insomniac and a lot of people envy me for my ability to stay up late and work work work. they said it's a gift! yes, i can say i benefit from it from time to time coz i don't need to do weird stuff to keep me awake whenever i have some deadlines to beat. ow ow, and i don't need to drink coffee (yuck! sorry coffee lovers). before, 3 hours of sleep is A-ok for me. i can work all day long with 3 hours of sleep only. but now, i have this constant need to adjust and re-adjust my alarm clock (salamat sa snooze feature!) every morning. obviously, 3 hours of sleep is not enough and delikado sa health ko. they say we should have at least 6 hours. unfortunately, my body always wants an EIGHT! i'm so cranky if it's less than 8. and i don't feel well most of the time, sakitin. this is what my friend has been reminding me about: "don't abuse your body, eventually it will take its toll on you". so to accommodate my need for an 8-hour sleep every night, my plan is to NEVER sleep past 1am. i don't want to rely on sleeping pills. i really hope i can do this the natural way.


i have a new task to do this sem besides teaching, grad school and ppta. i'm quite excited. i am so grateful that it was entrusted to me and i really hope i can pull it off. thanks sir D2.

i'm looking forward to a fruitful and stress-free (kahit 50% lang) semester! Cheers!

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