don't stop believing... lalalalalalalala...

i heard that song again. don't stop believing, hold on to the feeling... i just finished watching the season finale of glee and i must say, boy that's my favorite ep of the season na! vocal adrenaline's performance of bohemian rhapsody was my favorite part. it was a blast! but of course, the new directions did a great job as well especially with their tribute to Mr. Scheuster. i can't wait for season 2!!!


lately, i've been having a hard time juggling this very precious thing called time and crossing out items in my to-do list is so nerve-wracking. it's just so hard to finish all of them (tasks) when you only have so little time for such a gi-normous (gigantic and enormous) amount of tasks. i'm not talking about school stuff only. i also have responsibilities to my family and friends. sometimes, i'm even thinking what if (warning: kalokahan ko na naman 'to) "what if magbawas kaya ako ng friends para mas makapag-allot ng time for work". (see i told you, kalokahan). we all know that's BS!!! and that's not gonna happen to me. i can only joke about it (haynaku, ang pag-aaral nga naman, nakakasira ng pagkakaibigan) but i will never do it. PRIORITIZE! that's what i should do. not throw tasks or friends out of my to-do list. prioritize. that's what i must do! i believe i can survive all of these. i should keep this positive disposition in me, just like how new directions have been constantly singing: don't stop believing, hold on to the feeling!!!

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