1st sem AY 09-10, TAPOS ka na!

hi! we know naman how most students love to post their schedule for the incoming semester on their blogs and other social accounts dba? student din naman ako, pero para maiba, eto ang 1st sem sched ko.

schedules in BLACK are for my graduate school while the rest, for my work naman as an instructor. monday nights are usually reserved for PPTA convetion organizing committee meetings. the big question is, why post this when it's already over? wala naman. I would like to thank lang all the people who helped me throughout the semester.
my classmates in grad school, sir tots, x, sir d2, mam marty, eu and arlene. thanks for all the help. di ba mas nagiging madali at magaan ang trabaho kung nagtutulungan. :)
to all of our professors in grad school (na ka-trabaho din namin sa CRS: mam Sally, sir Val, sir Mike, mam Janine), maraming salamat po for always understanding our situation. salamat po sa pag-alalay. :)
sa mga students ko na paminsan minsan e pinapatawa ako para lang mabawasan ang kasabawan, maraming salamat. can't tell you how much that (the laugh) helps sa isang araw na wasak na wasak na ako. salamat!
to zen, thanks for all the weekend breathers. grabeh!!! to G2, sa lahat ng drawings and caricatures ko na ginagawa mo para lang mapatawa ako sa mga GG season ko. salamat.
and to my adik, salamat din, salamat lagi, for the boost! sorry if i lied to you na i only had 3 subjects sa grad school when in fact i enrolled all 4 (full load). kinaya ko naman dba? so wala akong sermon? hehe. :p
and gaya ng sinabi ko rin last year:
2nd sem AY 09-10, BRING IT ON!!!

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