on handwritten cards, notes and/or letters

yesterday, Shots and I were talking about how rare it is to receive snail mails and handwritten letters nowadays. of course! everything is electronic na! instead of Hallmark greeting cards, you receive e-cards for special occassions. simple (handwritten dati) notes like "get some rest dear" or "don't skip your meals" are sent through SMS na lang. and even our friendly "wala-lang-i-just-thought-of-you-today-that's-why-i'm-sending-you-this-letter" letter just pops in our yahoo inbox or in any other social accounts we have.

quoting Shots: "siguro ang sarap ng pakiramdam na makatanggap ng handwritten letter ngayon." he is so right! handwritten notes and letters have more meaning now. they even say it's a dying art already.

seriously Shots nagulat ako! one minute we were just talking about it and the next day, tadaaaah!!!! i got one! no occassion at all... and it came from the other side of the globe pa! haha. my simple joy :)

(thanks Adik...)

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