Spencer's Angels Reunion (minus Kas, Rai, Len)

May 10, 2009
Where: Crissy's newly-blessed house sweet home

I remember the old house had three levels only with Crissy's room at the topmost (the attic). We would always stay at the cold rooftop adjacent to crissy's room (literal rooftop kasi sa bubong na yero ka nakatayo :D ). A year ago, that old house was torn down (intentionally) into nothing but rubble and concrete waste. But a new house (or shoud i say building) was built at exactly the same spot. The house that sheltered us during our undergrad days (where we do the PT "prax" practice) is already a part of the past but for me, it is still the best tambayan ever! Crissy's new house is more elegant, more spacious and more PINKISH in color (hehehe). It might have changed with regards to its dimensions but the company and the warm welcome from Crissy and her mom is still the same (and the best). For years, they've been my only family here in Manila... Thanks Mommy, happy Mom's day!

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