Trapt: Someone In Control

Released: September 13, 2005
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Choice cuts:
WAITING [i'm waiting for you, to get that feeling once again, reunited in the end... i've been waiting for you, to capture my imagination coz i've been fooled by the illusions in my head...] I AM WAITING FOR YOU!!! YES YOU! 
 LOST REALIST [why do i rush to slow down everything? will the dice ever roll? when will i ever know? will the plot ever twist or will i still resist? i've been playing the part of a lost realist] some of my friends say they are optimists, some are pessismists... me? i am a realist! a LOST one! 
 SKIN DEEP [this attraction, only to appearance, becoming your religion; looks are every thing, the only thing, that means something to you...] Para sa mga taong mataas ang pagpapahalaga sa panlabas na kaanyuan LAMANG. Poor people! May tinatawag tayong inner beauty noh! At para naman sa mayayabang jan, sasabhin nila na ang inner beauty ay para lamang sa mga panget... Oh please, kanya kanyang defense mech lang yan! heehee... :p

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