Paramore: All We Know is Falling

Released: July 26, 2005
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This album is soooo POWERFUL!!! Right Tosh? hehehe... It has been out on the market for almost 4 years now and my ears just can't get enough of it! What's up with this album anyway?! Well, perhaps it's because of Hayley's magnificent voice (ang liit liit nya, magtataka ka kung san nya kinukuha ung hangin para kumanta ng ganun ka powerful). Or probably because of how they mix and match their rhythm and beat (God, they're so awesome!!!).

 Choice cuts: like what i've said earlier, this album is so powerful. But of course, we can't deny that in albums such as this, we still have our MOST fave song, and for me, that would have to be MY HEART. I love the part when Josh screams while Hayley bursts her lungs out for a very powerful outro... This is one of the many songs I have that I would want to dedicate to my Lord... (my heart, it beats, beats for only you...) Other choice cuts: Conspiracy (I dedicate this to a barkada i know na let's just say, they're not "the-best-barkada" at all... well i must admit, mine's not the best in one way or another but at least we dont step on other's dignity and morale... i say: "enough of the conspiracies kids, grow up!!!"); and of course Franklin . Whenever i listen to this album, i click on Conspiracy first until it finishes up to My Heart then start the album all over again... Last three songs first!!! :p

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