Mae: The Everglow

Released: March 29, 2005
Click here to listen to the album.

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My golay, this album is extraordinary...Thanks Tosh for sharing their music to me... I love the concept of having a "storybook" inlay, that you can read and follow while listening to their songs.. hahaha.. cute!

Choice cuts: SOMEONE ELSE'S ARMS (i just wanna wake up, in someone else's arms) and BREAKDOWN (it's magic... it's enough when i see that look in your eyes, it's enough for me to paralyze...)

 Enjoy the album guys... By the way, just a bit of trivia. Their band name, Mae, is an acronym of "Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience" which is a course taken by their drummer at a certain university... Grabe noh, may course na ganun?! Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun? Does it have anything to do with their superb and very creative album na hindi lang album kundi storybook din... Heehee... The senses of sight and hearing uberly stimulated to enhance IMAGINATION...

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