Quietdrive: When All That's Left Is You

Released: May 30, 2006
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Time for a "quietdrive" mode! It's all G-two's fault! Had you not shared your iPod (RIP) with me during our trip to Cabanatuan, I wouldn't have been this addicted to Quietdrive. Oh yeah, your iPod, which keeps on playing Rush Together!!! Grrr... You know it's not my type of music but I like it nonetheless! Which led me to loving their album which was given by Toshi! Hahaha, kayo talagang dalawa! Tsk tsk!

Choice cuts: syempre Rise from the Ashes, Rush Together, Maybe Misery, I Lie Awake, Both Ways... For me, their version of Time After Time is by far the best cover I've heard!!! They used the original guitar riffs heard kaya siguro astig pa rin pakinggan kahit sobrang dami na ng gumawa ng cover nun. Enjoy!

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