shutterbug is still alive!!!

i am not a professional photographer, and i don't have what it takes to be one. my camera is just a compact digital type. i am not familiar with the analogues and the SLRs. i don't even read anything about photography. so obviously, i am not a pro. but i am an enthusiast!

it has been 2 weeks since my camera almost died (after falling 2 feet high & bouncing for like Nx). we brought it to compex to get it fixed. the technician said that the lens should be replaced if "re-alignment" doesn't fix the problem. but the price of a new lens is much more expensive than a brand new Casio Exilim 7.1mp. Demmet! I didn't have it fixed nor did i buy a new one. So for 2 weeks, the shutterbug in me was quiescent...

then few days ago, i started tinkering on my camera again! actually the only problem it has is that whenever you take a pic, whatever captured is either overexposed or underexposed. no problem with focusing or even taking a video. it's just the still shot! so i tried adjusting the brightness, the contrast and whatever is adjustable in the menu! hehehe... then i found out that there's this preset option: HIGH SENSITIVTY! i tried it with & without a flash, and voila!!! i was able to take a decent picture once again! hehehe...


so aside from that story, ano pa mga nangyayari sakin kamakailan?

i tried aromatherapy for my insomnia and/or migraine (whatever it's fit for!)... these pictures taken inside my bedroom at around 3am. i keep on lighting the candle kaya halos nakasubsob na mukha ko sa oil burner ko. heehee. (101608)


after failing to boot my little brother out of the computer chair, and out of desperate attempt to check my multiply account, I ended up using the PSP to browse the net. (102008)


on a saturday night, X, Ry, & Z watched: A VERY SPECIAL LOVE! hahaha, super late na noh! at first natatawa pa kami, pero mejo nakakainis na how the story run from middle up to end of the movie. nonetheless, sulit na sya for a 25Php DVD from Quiapo! heehee... (102508)

(hindi po sinasadyang alphabetical arrangement kami nyan... lagi na lang pong nagkakataon na ganyan ang pagkakasunod-sunod namin kahit habang naglalakad)


mejo matagal din nagpahinga ang aking running shoes. pero ngayon, nagjojogging na ulit ako! weeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~

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