Trapt: Trapt

Released: November 5, 2002
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About the album art: the concept revolves around the idea of an urban family man pushing a lawn mower, just going by with the day, working hard for his family and the future of his children, traversing that uncompromised path (out of his choice) which eventually will make him feel TRAPPED. Thus, the word Trapt laid directly across the image. I know some people who are in such a situation. Pakiramdam nila "ipit" sila ng sitwasyon, hindi sila pwedeng lumabas ngayon pero they're hoping that someday, they'd get out of it, and maybe take the path they've been wanting to for so long. Here's an album I dedicate to you. Load the lyrics on your browser at sabayan nyo... 
Choice cuts: Echo (i'm dreaming of performing this onstage with my bandmates! hahaha), Hollowman, These Walls, Made of Glass, Still Frame, The Game, Enigma, Stories, New Beginning, When All Is Done... At syempre, the song that lead me to knowing Trapt, the great soundtrack of the movie TEARS OF THE SUN (with Bruce Willis in it), none other than: HEADSTRONG (great for head-banging moments inside my room, haha, can you imagine???)
 Teka, napansin ko lahat pala ay choice cuts, sana nilagay ko na lang, ALL!!! Heehee... Enjoy!!!

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