Mudvayne: End of All Things to Come

Released: November 19, 2002
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Each track of this album has a corresponding Zodiac sign and the lyrics of each song match up to the expected personality of the indicated Zodiac symbol.

Aries - "The End of All Things to Come" 
 Taurus - "Trapped in the Wake of a Dream" 
 Gemini - "Shadow of a Man" 
 Cancer - "World So Cold" 
 Leo - "Not Falling" 
 Virgo - "The Patient Mental" 
 Libra - "Silenced" 
 Scorpio - "Skrying" 
 Sagittarius - "Solve et Coagula" 
 Capricorn - "(Per)version of a Truth" 
 Aquarius - "Mercy, Severity" 
 Pisces - "A Key to Nothing"

Choice cuts: Not Falling (included in the movie GHOST SHIP soundtrack) & World So Cold...

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