Japan: Thanks Walt, it was indeed a magical world...

September 1, 2008
Tokyo Disneyland

Arrived at around 10am... We rode the Mickey train and went around the whole Disney complex: Disney Sea, Disney Land and Disney Resort Hotel... Then decided to try out the rides sa Land...

Our Rides: Snow White's Adventure, Alice's Tea Party, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz' Lightyear Astro Blaster, Microadventure, Grand Circuit Raceway, Big Thunder Mountain, Mark Twain's River Boat, Beaver Brother's Explorer Canoes.

Our Theater: Mickey Mouse Revue, Country Bear Theater.

Our Attractions: Disney Parade, Electric Dream Lights, Disney Fireworks

Our Food: Racketty's Raccoon Saloon

Our Souvenirs: World Bazaar.

Let the pictures speak for themselves...


Here's a glimpse of what's inside the Mickey Mouse Revue... Well, si Mickey Mouse pala had different roles portrayed over the years simula nang sumikat sya as Steamboat Willie... Naging Two-Gun Mickey, tapos wizard/magician at kung ano2 pa... Eto siya through the years:

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Here's a glimpse of the Electric Parade!!! Nakakatuwa... Sobrang pulido nang pagkakagawa at pagkakalagay sa bawat bulb light na nasa floats... As in! Mas maganda ito kesa dun sa afternoon parade nila kaya ito na lang sh-share ko... Hehe..

I was disappointed with the fireworks though. I never expected na ganun lang kasimple ang display nila... SIr Donald said mas maganda pa daw yung sa HK DIsneyland, tsk tsk... Anak pa naman ako ng fireworks, talagang nakakadisappoint... Hmmm. Bawi na lang ulit sa rides... Hehehe...


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