DISCONNECTED for a while...

This was the worst feeling I've ever had since the first time I had my heart broken: the feeling of being disconnected.

My rian_grace yahoo account has been hacked (or not). I'm not sure if someone intentionally did erase that account or I was unfortunate enough to run through a virus that killed my rian_grace.

6:00 to 8:45pm: I was still at the office, chatting with Sir Jondee & Sir Val using my rian_grace YM account.

8:55pm: Left the office.

9:20pm: Sat in front of the pc inside my bedroom, tried to log in to my YM and voila! INVALID. Tried it in Yahoo!Mail, still INVALID. Tried some more...

10:30pm: Hopeless case... I couldn't retrieve it... I cried... The fact that I've lost my e-mail account started to sink in.

10:45pm: I made a new yahoo account. But I wasn't planning to keep it. I just wanted to have an alternate ID so I can use YM at that very desperate moment of my life.

Right now, I'm still contemplating over the loss of my 8 year old, first e-mail account ever (made by Zen). All the messages I've sent thru it, all my files (lyrics, thesis, etc.) stored in it, and all the people in my address book. More importantly, I am saddened by the fact that all the messages I've received from different people whom I've come to known over the past few years of my cyber life (and real life) are all gone. Believe me I keep all of those! Be it a joke or a scary chain letter or a death note or a love story or an abstract gallery or a game or a sorry letter or a simple thank you note, my birthday greetings, I keep it! And I re-read through it whenever I have time (even those dated way back year 2001, back to the old days when Friendster and Multiply were still inside Mother Cyberspace's womb).

Now, I don't have anything to re-read in my mail box except Yahoo's welcome message! And as of the moment, I only have one person in my Yahoo messenger list, the very first yahoo id that i remember among my friends.

I won't be able to recall all of your yahoo id's, so please be kind enough to add me up again to your messenger list and contacts. Thank you so much.

My new e-mail address: anbu_rian8@yahoo.com and YM id: anbu_rian8.

I can't wait to get connected again!

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