Philippine's gold medal (Beijing Olympics)

Yes, it's true. The Philippines garnered a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics care of Willy Wang. His event: men’s nanquan and nangun (bare fists) in Wushu. However, wushu is only a a demonstration sport and for this reason, Wang's gold medal will not be tallied into the regular medal standings. <Awwwwe>. But it's okay, I'm still proud of him.

Actually during the telecast of his performance a while ago (that was a delayed telecast since the game happened yesterday), I was watching him intently and man he's sooooo good!!! No wonder he got the gold. But to tell you the truth, while I was watching him, I didn't know that he was representing our country. I thought he's with China (because he's Chinese). So I just ignored watching the rest of the event not until the awarding ceremony when I was so shocked to hear "Lupang Hinirang" being played and with our flag being raised in between (and higher than) two other flags. Woooow. Totoo ba ito! At totoo nga. Hehehe.

So I looked it up in the internet and found out that this wasn't our first gold in a demo sport. 1988 Seoul Olympics: Arianne CerdeƱa won gold for bowling and the medal didn't count also.

Together with Wang, two more athletes won bronze medals in the wushu demo sport held yesterday also.

Haaay, that was close! I thought, I thought, I thought... Hehehe... Congratulations pa rin!


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