there goes my free time!!!

Once again, for the nth time, i tweaked my multiply CSS!!! And yes, it ate a lot of my supposed-to-be-productive-time for myself. I could have dedicated that time to cleaning my bedroom or completing my student's prelim grades or taking my Tita out for a walk or doing the laundry or finishing up "Truth Encounter" by Anthony Pezzotta or going through half of Lost's season 4. But no no no. I decided to fix my CSS so my layout would look much thinner so it would scale to fit other computer screen sizes. Duh!!! Pinroblema ko pa talaga yun noh.

I wanted to change my banner picture but I couldn't find anything that could replace it yet. I know it's expired na and summer was two months over already! But I really love the picture, which by the way, was taken by Ginno during our Cabanatuan escapade. I love it because minsan ko lang ma-feel na lutang ako! Basta!!! Lutang, the next best thing to being on top of the world, which i can never ever do in my life!

There it is, I'm done tweaking it. I learned how to use the hover codes for my visited links, finally! My layout looks A-ok in my screen right now, everything seems to be properly aligned. I just hope the next time i take a look at it in a 12-inch or 15-inch screen, A-ok din sya. Right now, I have to finish my slides for tomorrow's lecture. Ciao!

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philos said...

Wow, didn't know you know CSS... help me! hehe... Ok, just to add something, you miss a great lecture about backpain in microgravity... just found out that Dr. Sayson is a PT grad from UST who works for NASA... ain't that cool hehe