soulmates since highschool

Long day!!! Had to wake up early and go somehwere along Roxas Blvd to take care of something... After finishing up that "something", decided to go to work early. While I was walking along TM Kalaw, i saw the Times Plaza and decided to pay a visit to my long lost friend (joke lang yan, 2months ago lang kami huling nagkita) Arsenio Caoli Jr. na muntik pang tanggihan ang dala kong donuts.. Yaan mo, pag limpak limplak na ang salapi ko, di lang dozen donuts ang bibigay ko sayo pag dinalaw kita sa work... Hahaha...

So there, we had a short talk lang since I have to be at the college by noon, for my class. And syempre, I learned something new na naman. It's always like that naman, my friend Zen na parang kapatid ko na (being the oldest friend ever, since I was 10 y/o) never forgets to criticize me sa kung anumang kalokahan ang ginagawa ko ngayon sa buhay ko... And yes, I've learned that I am so irrational when it comes to some matters of life (secret!!!). Hehe. OO na! Tanggap ko na Zen!!! But again, thanks for being my Jin whenever I am the Jang, and vice versa. Because of that, I learn to look at both sides.

Aside from being with Zen this AM, just a while ago i had this longest YM conversation with my soul sistah: Dimple!!! Ohaoha, two highschool bestfriends in one day!!! How happy can you get??? Eto naman si Dimple, since pareho kami girlaloo, sabihin na nating, join sya sa pagsakay sa mga sentimiento ko... Yea!!! Us girls, rock!!! hahaha, go on rian, love your own!!!

Dimple, I enjoyed sharing songs with you. I really missed Tori Amos talaga and thanks for reminding me that she still exists in my music box. Hehehe. I hope you enjoy the full version of your "The Power of Orange Knickers".

Dimps, Enjoy lang ha. You deserve it (you know what i mean). And andyan lang prinsipe natin, naligaw lang yun ng daan! Di kasi marunong magtanong ng directions e. Yaan mo maya maya lang andyan na yan. Nagaaral pa lang kasi gumamit ng krokis e! Hahahaha.

So that's it. A balanced day: fetched answers from two of my soulmates. The first one: I am irrational. The second one, just go!!! Balanse lang... Now i have to weigh the answers on my own. Whatever happens next, may the Lord give me the strength to accept it. Like what i always pray for.

See you soon...

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