my 'upper' whenever I'm down. Try nyo, baka hiyang sa inyo :)

If JANINA SAN MIGUEL is Ginno's "upper" whenever he's down, me, I have MARITESS!

Hilow, my name is Maritesss. I don't want to say my lass name. I want to protek my employers. Dis is hard por me. <sob> Um, i've been working por da superfriends... por eighteen months now. I dont want to tok bad but i hab to tell da thrut. Dey treat me bad here samtymss. I cam prom Zamboanga... to work por da superfriends. I so an ad, and i said, "shure, I work por yu, yu superherows." Sorry, itss hard. huuh. So i anserd d ad and i sed yes and den one of dem pik me up right away. Wonderwoman came in her plane. She said "ober hir!" I kud not see it, it was invisibol. *peeeew* I tuk da plane ride to Amereca.. to a place unknown, i dont eben know wer dat Holl of Justice iiiis! Dey dont let me out. (wawa naman si maritess, to think na nasa hall of justice sya, quote and quote, pero di sya malaya, hahaha, walang katarungan!!!) Iso hard! Iso hard! okey i continew...

So dastory begins wer i cam here and yu know, i get prendly por dem, and dey liked me, ders no children exep Wonder Twins, and deyr mangki! I dont like mangki! I dont like mangki but i hab to send money bak home. Oke i continew... iso hard. *peew peew* And so i tink ders like a sexual harassment here. Bcos yu know, im cleaning yu know cleaning da haus, da bat mobil, yu know. And den superman, i tink hes looking truh my clodes. I had to cober, i had to cober myself! But he has a special power, i cant do anyting! I cant do anyting!

My Bisa jas ran out 2 months ago. Now im, my Bisa expired, im illigal here, im illigal alien. But Superman is prom Krypton, hes alien, hes here! He can stay here! i cant stay here, i prom eart! But he can stay here! It das not pair! Its not right! Bcos hes white das why! <sob> im sorre! I toht wer prends in da beginning yu know... bcos i wanted to go to da Pilipins por Krismas to see my pamily and its almos running out of time. So superman ply me real pfast, but it start getting hot. He ply too pfast! I said "put me down". And i was in Kinya por twoo days. Dats not right! I mis my pamily. I had to eat bugs! *peew peewweew*

But hes not d only one i hab worry i hab a worry por da oder members op da superprends. Batman. I heb to say, i heb to say da thrut, i tink hes gay! I tink hes a gay. I tink hes bakla or i dont kno. Bcos hes always hanging arouwnd wid dat littel boy Robin! I dont kno. Olways riding da car, olways going down da bat poll! ow, i dont want to kno! i dont want to kno!

But aquaman, hes da one, hes da bad one! I dont know, i toht i prends por him. I toht i can jok arouwnd por him. But he get kinda bit sensitibe. Yu kno, wen, wen ders like a giant attak in new york or someting like big monster prom da space and hes like pushing down da buildings. And oll da superprends go, dey pyt him exep por aquaman, bcos hes only powerpul in water. So i make pun to dat i said "wow aquaman cant go agen!" I tink i hert him! But ders one tym, dis is da last try i hab to go on record por dis. Yu kno, i preper der meals, i clean der room. I dont hab to worry about Flash bcos hes bery past, hes in, hes out, i dont see him! Yu kno, der eating der meals but dey eat Amerecan pfood, I dont, i dont like to eat dat yu kno. Das, das, dats inhyuman! Tupos a Pilipina to eat hotdog, chilli pries, hamberjer. Yu kno. So wen dey all gone, yu kno, i tern on da blower in da kichen really high and den im kooking my pilipino pfood, yu know. And den aquaman came in, he screamed "WATARYUDOIN?! WATARYUDOIN?! DAS A CRYM!" "Im jas, im jas kooking pfish! Im jas kooking pfish! Im so sorre aquaman!"

I salute you Maritess, for blowing the whistle sa kung anong totoo sa mga Superprends! Yun nga lang, mejo delikado, mukhang di kakayanin yan ng Witness Protection Program natin dito sa Pinas, e sympre, Superherows yang mga yan e, madali ka nila mahahanap! Hahaha...


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