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Insan, hanapin mo dito yung pinakalumang pic natin: Haha, matatawa ka sa ichura nating dalawa!!!

Dearest Insan,

Do you still remember our childhood years when we spent most of our time playing together; when you stayed in our house in Tawiran for the whole 2 months of every summer break; when we flew kites with Kuya Sid and all the "batang Tawiran s"; when we chased each other in the ricefield (i hate it when you pushed me in the puddle of mud! haha); do you still remember? Me, i do remember every detail of it.

Then came highschool. No summer breaks in Tawiran na, coz Tita said that they need you in the house. But it's okay, we go to the same school naman. But then again, it's quite hard to bond together especially if we're not on the same level (of course you're a year younger than me). Hmm. So we seldom see each other na, during special occassions na lang.

Then, college! So i have to say bye bye to Calapan which means less bonding with relatives, less layas with insans (mga layas sa peryahan! haha) and less talk. Swerte na pag Holiday seasons kasi you do your Christmas shoppping here in Manila with Ate Pauline. Even if weekend lang ang pagkakataon natin magbond ulit, still happy pa rin.

Now, ikaw na ang mang-iiwan (nang-iwan pala because most probably you are mid-air by now and before i publish this, you'll have your stopover na). Remember the talk we had last month in my bedroom, about you and Tita. Don't be discouraged by whatever she says about you, it doesn't mean that you have to love her less. And i don't think you are capable of that because even up to the last minute that you are about to enter the terminal, sya pa rin ang nasa isip mo at ibinilin kay Ate Pauline. You're such a loving daughter despite all the things na alam mo na, yung pinagusapan nga natin last month when we both cried pa nga. (oh oh oh, wag na iiyak ha, sabi nga ni Fergie: Big Girls Don't Cry!! lol)

Be strong insan. Now, you're about to play a role not of a daughter nor a sister na, but of a wife. :) Lagi nababanggit ni Ate Pauline na swerte ka kay Athan kasi napakabuting tao ni Athan. I say, swerte sya sayo, at swerte kayong dalawa sa isa't isa. I don't want to enumerate all the reasons why i said that, just prove to each other that you really are meant to be together forever (napapakanta na ako, haha!)

Honestly, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala sa kwento mo kanina regarding your childhood bestfriends. I don't want to judge them because i don't know them that much. And gusto ko bawiin what i said kanina na probably because of inggit or something, coz really im not in the position to make assumptions or judgment. But just pray for them, na sana pagbalik nyo dito, they're mature enough to handle the situation na. :)

I will surely miss you insan. Dalawa na lang kami ni Ate Pauline dito. Sabi ko nga kanina, "Haha, wala na yung dalawang mabagal magshopping (ikaw at si Ate Gayds), at least mas madali na tayong dalawa (me and ate neng) makakaikot sa mall! hahah". Syempre, sour graping lang ako, i need to rationalize kasi nga naiwan na kami ng naiwan! Hahaha...

See you on cyberspace insan! Pag fluent ka nang magsalita ng German, inggitin mo ako ha para naman maengganyo na akong mag-aral ng 3rd lannguage! Ang tagal na kaya ng French program ko! Panis na, hahaha!

To you and to Athan, be good, be strong, be safe. I love you Essen!

Here are our last pics together (for this year lang):


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