with Zen once again; also with Bella

Had a blast last night at RP with Zen. Just enjoyed the famous Razon's Halohalo (woaw! i say)...

Talked a lot about future plans, where to go, how to enjoy your work, your family, your friends, all in all, your life. He realized that rushing towards tomorrow alongside toxicity will never do you any good. So he plans to leave his work and transfer to one where he would enjoy every minute of his office time... I say, GO!!! hehe...

Then off we go to the supermarket just to laugh at whatever nasty thing we could do there (pinching soft fruits!!!) Hahaha, Zen accidentally poked one of the passion fruits (nabutas!) which gave him a really surprised look: "Ah malambot pala yun!!! Hahaha".

Because of his "KJ-sity" (pagka-killjoy), I wasn't able to take our latest and supposed-to-be-posted-in-this-entry picture!!! So I settled with our old one! Hmp...


Went to RCBC Plaza in Makati with my Insan Essen to claim her German Visa! Yey, iiwan na niya kami! HUHU.

Also went to Grepalife Medical Chorva (sorry can't remember the complete and proper name) where Bella works as the Chief PT, PT staff and PT intern (hehe, kidding). Siya lang PT dun. I thought makakaabala ako sa kanya but she laughingly said na iisa lang ang scheduled patient na for the day na nag-back-out pa! Hahaha. So ayun, chika chika. I miss my college friends talaga. One cartwheel for you Bella! *weeee*


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