Imago: Probably Not, But Most Definitely

Imago's First Album

Funny story: I first heard the song "Idlip" way back when i was 4th year highschool and i really loved it, the song and the band as well. I wanted to buy their album pero in our province kasi, hindi ganun ka-advanced ang mga record stores. So i waited until college para makapaghanap ng original copy ng album na ito (i buy origs for artists na gustong gusto ko tlga, and pag OPMs bilang support na rin, pero Pirata din ako lalo na pag foreign, hehe). 1st year college: hinalughog ko na ang lahat ng record store na alam ko!! WALA WALA WALA. I gave up. But i never bought the pirated copy!

Three years after, during a summer break, asa province ako; decided to look around sa mini-mall dun. And to my surprise, i saw something sa CD rack nila na talaga namang nagsabi na: i should never underestimate the products offered by that mini-mall. Lo and behold, their last original copy of Probably Not But Most Definitely by Imago was waving at me, saying "Hi, buy me na, i know you've been looking for me na like forever!!!"

So ayun. Hanep!!!

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If you wanna listen to this album, click here for the playlist.


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